Eimile Allen

Eimile Allen has always been fascinated by jewelry, ever since she was a little girl. That fascination turned into a passion at the age of 16, when she took her first metals class at University of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA. After that she was hooked, and continued taking college level classes in metalwork while she was still in high school. She graduated from Wall High School in 2010 and then moved onto Montclair State University to pursue her dreams of becoming a jeweler. Spending four years at MSU, Eimile advanced her skills in metalwork and jewelry design, graduating in 2014 with a BA degree in fine arts with a concentration in metalwork and jewelry design.

About six months after she graduated, Eimile happened upon Jewelry By The Sea while on a hunt for a sterling silver chain for a pendant that she had made for her brother. She walked in and was greeted by Talon, the husky and Zak, the blue and gold Macaw and then finally by Yetkin the master jeweler. Low and behold Eimile found what she was looking for and more. She and Yetkin began to talk about her experience in school and in jewelry design, swapping stories and showing her thesis to Yetkin, not only did she walk out of his store with the chain, she also walked out with an apprenticeship. Eimile has been working with Yetkin for over 2 years, advancing her skills even further in the art of jewelry design and fabrication.